Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink Lady

My creativity has taken a leave of absence . =( I can't do anything anymore .... I can barely type lately . I want to blog but I can never think of anything to write because my day and life in general are sooo very boring . My day went like this wake up (1:30PM), brush teeth, clean my space, check email, watch a movie, eat a burger, try to do a little work and now here I am . See totally boring ..... I never even go anywhere . Honestly what do I have to blog about besides not having anything to blog about . Right, I know I am ridiculous . Anyway I tried doing a little bubble person that I had worked on a few years back with great success ... this time she didn't turn out well . I had no intention of doing a Pink Lady but that's what it turned into .

I wasn't planning on making her cry but that's how it turnd out . She kind of looks like Frenchy though, right ?

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